Title: Sidelined
Author: Emma Hart
Series: By His Game #2
Release Date: March 2, 2015
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Three people. Three motives. Three reasons.

When the game leaves the field in the second book in the USA Today bestselling By His Game series and mixes with sex, lies, and betrayal, the future isn't the only thing on the line...

Macey Kelly has sworn off men.

Unless they’re going to zip in and out of her apartment—and her vagina—quicker than they can give her an orgasm, she’s not interested. Finding out her boyfriend of three years got her cousin pregnant was a total confidence knock. Luckily for Macey, confidence is something she has in abundance, so all Mitch’s asshole move did was make her pretty cynical toward men.

The last thing Jack Carr needs at the start of the season is for a dark-haired, sexy as sin, gyspyesque beauty to be consuming his thoughts. Football is his life, which leaves no time for girls. Unless they’re the love ‘em and leave ‘em girls. Becoming one of the best running backs the league has ever seen by racking up the yards is his top priority… not bedding Macey Kelly, despite her affinity for blow jobs and total sexual abandon.

Avoiding each other is the perfect solution, but when your best friends are in a serious living together kind of relationship, that isn’t always an option. Sometimes, sex on tap is the easiest option.

And the sweetest.

Until Mitch shows up with a bombshell that could shatter Macey’s perfectly carved out life. It’s been a year, but he isn’t giving her up, not now he has a chance at winning her back. And he knows her buttons. Every single one of them.

Unfortunately for him, Jack Carr isn’t a loser. The star running back has his eye on the Vince Lombardi—and on Macey. But seeing her hanging between them both isn’t something he’s down with, not when he discovers why she’s so against anything more-ish, as she puts it.

Macey quickly realizes she’s the ball being passed between two desperate yet opposing teams, and that only one of them can score the touchdown. But will the winner be the guy she lived with and loved for three years, or will the winner be the guy who understands her and makes her body come alive?

In this game, someone will be sidelined, and calling the play isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Sidelined is a full-length, standalone novel. It's not necessary to read Blindsided before this book, but it is advised.

My Review:

I love Emma Hart, I have loved her since I first read her Memories series, I loved her when I read The Game series, and I will probably always love her. However, I can definitely see a change in her writing style, and although I understand it (sex sells) I miss the sweet books with a touch of sexiness.

That being said, I did still enjoy Sidelined, however I will admit that I skipped maybe 30% of it because I didn’t want or need all the sexy, the saving grace is that Emma can write a REALLY good story and that kept me hooked enough to overlook the overdone and perhaps unnecessary sex scenes.

It is because of the actual Story that I would recommend this book to others, but I would also tell them that it is quite explicit and to be prepared. 

I thought that Macey was a really good character, she was fun, open, spontaneous, driven, and and confident. But she also had a softer side, a more vulnerable side which I totally loved seeing as well.

Jack, well… Jack was an egotistical jerk for about half the book… it took me a while to warm up to him, but I did eventually decide that maybe he isn’t just a cocky arrogant ass, and although he didn’t become my new book boyfriend, I didn’t hate him.

The actual STORY of the book was great, it reminded me a lot of The Game series (which I freaking LOVED) it was fun, witty, fast paced, and some of the comebacks the Macey had were fantastic!

Overall, this book was ok… I read it because I love Emma, and I will probably read just about everything in the NA genre that she writes… I will finish this series because I have invested into the characters in the series, and I am really excited for The Burke Brothers series, but I miss the sweet Emma Hart books and it breaks my heart a little bit more with each sex scene I read in the newer books.


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